Party Like it's 1699; Société des Arts Technologiques

Immersive residency and Production @ SATOSPHÈRE - 29 OCT AU 21 NOV 2014

The SAT and the Party Like It’s 1699 artist collective (Frances Mckenzie and Aleks Schümer) present Le Pop d’époque, an immersive performance experience that takes us to the spectacular world of baroque times amidst our contemporary era.

This multidisciplinary work offers an audacious combination of artistic practices : opera and new media, theatre, dance, period and electronic music. When entering the Satosphere, audience members will emerge in a neobaroque opera house and bathe in the opulence of the 17th century scenography.

Combining 10 narrative pieces, the work revisits a few stories from the baroque era, themselves taking from Greek mythology.The artists offer adaptations of old stories, newly empowered with queer and feminist perspectives

photo credit: Sebastien Roy

photo credit: Robin Cerutti

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