Don't Kiss and Telekinesis

Collaboration with Adriana Disman

Metamorphose, Studio 303 (2015)

((( Failure to communicate. ))) A stand-up routine that breaks open like a grey piñata: watermelon thumps to the ground. Splât. Diacritical karaoke, tiny snacks, heartbreak spìn the bottle. Two heads [of lettuce] are better than one. Non-productive. *Don’t kiss and telekinesis* Giant banana, tiny spotlight. The pläyground of pröverbs. “Artists are always liars and cheats.” Replace body parts with fruit ~ benign threat. << Jokes only know communism >> Behind every great man there’s a grapefruit. “Comedy = tragedy + time.” To have your cake and eat it: poo.

photo credit: Pascha Marrow