Damp Mythology of Awakened Detritus

Your Kontinent – Richmond International Film & Media Arts Festival (2011)

Collaboration Kuh Del Rosario

Sound; Aleks Schürmer

DMAD is a video and sculpture collaboration between sculptor Kuh Del Rosario and New Media Artist Frances Adair. The project is designed specifically for installation inside a shipping container/exhibition venue within the Your Kontinent New Media festival of Cinevolution in Richmond BC.

The installation is site specific, an immersive visual analysis of the diverse cultural heritage of Richmond BC surrounding ideas of immigration, containment, shipment and objecthood. The two artists have decided to do a evocative investigation into the history of the land and architecture of the site. The peculiar installation specifics have lead them to fantasize about being water bound inside a space headed in an unknown direction and how this relates to the idea of immigration and the faith one must retain when leaving land behind. We are also intrigued by the import/export reality of objects vs. the intricate relationship people have to the items they retain when facing restrictions. Our installation will examine how do these seemingly contradictory facets relate to the history of a people and will attempt to communicate a diversity of stories within one narrative.

The installation was constructed from an accumulation of detritus and stuff, painted uniformly to create a clean white junk mosaic, which we utilized as a projection screen. There is a nostalgic quality to forgotten items, how the currency and value of objects change from one place to the other.

Damp Mythology of Awakened Detritus from Frances Adair on Vimeo.